Saffiano Premium Wallet
Urban Sarreti Wallet

SARRETI – We introduce ourselves

We have the passion for bringing you outstanding wallet designs that fits into
your everyday life. Smart, stylish and compact finished wallets from SARRETI with no compromise
and long-life guarantee. Convince yourself and have a look on our product portfolio – Products


Not only the outstanding quality and design are the satisfaction factors. It is you that inspire us and is crafted into very single piece of products by SARRETI. No matter if you are freedom-loving libertine or the success winning manager. We have the right product that will extend and fit to your environment.

Sarreti Premium Wallets


Elegant companion for your business life. Stunning Genuine Saffiano Leather Wallet that has everything you need in the modern environment.

Unique design makes the difference and keeps your Wallet slim.

The premium finished Wallet collection will ensure a long-life and will keep safe what needs to be kept safe.
Be in the centre of the scene with our great Saffiano Wallet.


Simplicity defines the Urban Forest Environment. Let’s keep things simple where it is possible.

Our Urban Wallet collection is based on a simple design for high usability. Beautiful while being modern and reasonable. Great and inspiring leather look materials define this collection representing a very own charm.

An Urban Wallet choose his Owner and is affordable.

Sarreti Urban Wallets

SARRETI – Passion and Tradition

Although our brand SARRETI has been established in 2017 we always had the passion for manufacturing fine leather goods and it is part of our families tradition. Back to early 1955 we started manufacturing luxury Italian leather shoes for men and later we began extending our handcraft to bags and wallets. In every crafted piece of leather goods we put our passion respectively to our families tradition till now. Find out more about us and our story – About us


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